Terms and Conditions
Wishaw Country Sports

An event venue for hire

Terms and Conditions

All evening events will end at midnight, with the gates to the venue being locked half an hour later. Guests and entertainment must have cleared the venue by then. Lunchtime events will be finished by 5pm.

Please ask your guests to pre-book any taxis before the function and not after it has finished. Mini buses are often more reliable than the standard taxi cars.

We do not hold functions for persons under the age of 21 or stag parties in the Lodge.

Due to fluctuating prices we reserve the right to alter our catering prices accordingly.

No indoor/outdoor fireworks or candles of any description to be used. The use of table confetti is strictly forbidden.

While we pride ourselves on having a child friendly policy, we do insist that a responsible adult be placed in charge of any children present at a function.

The use of pins, staples or tape to secure decorations is strictly forbidden. Please use blue tack instead.

The entire building is fully accessible to those with disabilities, including ramps and dedicated toilet facilities.

The bar will close 30 minutes before the end of an event, with last orders being called 15 minutes before then.

The minimum number of guests required for any event is 30. If your numbers fall below 30 prior to the event start we reserve the right to cancel.

We ask that guests do not stray far from The Lodge. Being a working farm there is dangerous machinery and structures that are unsafe for exploration.

We do not allow any external catering or drinking arrangements. Only food and drinks provided by Wishaw Country Sports may be consumed at the venue, unless arranged otherwise by the event organisers and agreed upon by Wishaw Country Sports.

Clients booking Wishaw Country Sports will be liable for any damage caused by guests.

All costs relating to functions held in The Lodge are to be settled a minimum of 7 days prior to the function. We do not take credit cards at present.

Final guest numbers must be with us 6 days prior to the function in order to make sufficient arrangements for catering. If numbers change after this time then we cannot guarantee the availability of certain items.

Whilst we do provide a large free car park, all vehicles and belongs left unattended are done so at the owner’s risk.

Guests are allowed to leave their vehicles in the car park overnight and collect them in the morning. Vehicles must however be collected by 11am the following morning to make room for subsequent event parking. All vehicles are left at the owner’s risk.

No animals are allowed inside The Lodge with the exception of guide dogs.

Although we have never had to, Wishaw Country Sports reserves the right to terminate any booking for any reason at any time.